"Eric has been teaching our daughter piano for the past six years (ages 6-12). Always age-appropriate, he's covered reading music, playing both classical and fun repertoire, mastering rhythm, developing her "piano" muscles, and understanding music (being "musical'), as well as music theory. Eric is a natural, kind and joyful teacher who celebrates his students' genuine accomplishments while also emphasizing practice and discipline. Without prompting, our daughter sits down at the piano every day to practice and master the pieces she has been working on, and genuinely enjoys playing. What more could we ask?" - Teri S.


"We have two daughters and I come from a musical family - my grandfather was a well-known tenor. Eric has been teaching our older daughter for 1.5 years. She had just turned three when we started. Eric understands the delicate art of introducing very young children to playing the piano, and fostering their interest and joy in learning. He knows how to strike a balance between following a method that is grounded in sound didactics and making it a fun activity at the same time. Eric is thoughtful, kind, patient, and always in a good mood - he is a gem and yours to miss." - Sue M.


"Eric Hunter has been a wonderful piano teacher for our children for over seven years. From their very beginning stages throughout their development as musicians, Eric selects appropriately challenging repertoire, provides expert instruction, and encourages and supports them in their successes and inevitable struggles. On top of that, he is a wonderfully talented pianist and composer in his own right, and inspires the children with his own abilities. We feel very fortunate to have found him to teach our children." - Jacob B.


"In five months, Eric has given my daughter, who is  nine, two gifts: a love of playing piano, and the skills to play.  His knowledge, enthusiasm, warmth, patience and high expectations of Olivia have led to a kid who practices without being nagged and enjoys learning. He is a great combination of firm and assured and creative and flexible in his teaching. He reads Olivia's moods and interests in a way that works well for her. It doesn't hurt that he is a talented pianist himself. We are fortunate to count Eric as her teacher and look forward to years of lessons to come." - Elissa D.


"Eric taught me and both of my children, and I had the opportunity to see his successes with other children at recitals. All his students don't just like him - they adore him, and it is well-earned. He is professional, structured, always encouraging and kind, with a wonderful sense of humor and intuitive sense of appropriate expectations. His dedication to learning his own repertoire has enabled him to easily solve students' technical problems and share the tools to become autodidactic. But ultimately his raison d'etre as a teacher is to develop in his students their greatest individual abilities to express their love for and understanding of music." - Helen F.